Front Brake Hose for Red Dot Caliper
Front Brake Hose for Red Dot Caliper


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IMPORTANT: This brake hose is compatible with 'Red dot' caliper. For Talaria brand caliper see BRHSF164
Code: BRHSF159 PLU: 36882 EAN: 5057645468639 Features: Flexible Items Included: Brake Line Type: Hose

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The hose's job is to carry brake fluid from the master cylinder to the caliper on the wheel.
Its flexibility is what allows the wheel to move with the suspension.

Manufacturer Model
Talaria Sting Offroad [TL3000]
Sting R Road Legal [TL50]
Sting R [TL4000]
Sting Road Legal [TL45]
X3 MX [TL2500]
X3 Road Legal [TL25]
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